Beatnic first opened their doors in West Village, New York, in 2015 at a time when vegan food was still somewhat uncommon. In the years since, this cuisine type has become far more mainstream, leading to an expansion of Beatnic’s nine restaurants within four East Coast cities. 

When asked about menu inspiration, the Beatnic team said, ‘We look to the seasons for our inspiration”. From winter with Crispy Cauli Poppers as a topping/side for their Tahini Dream Salad to summer featuring creative corn dishes, this team incorporates the freshest ingredients available throughout the year. Beatnic designs their menu items so they look as good as they taste – so you can expect a vibrant and colorful plate with each order. In fact, creating a colorful menu is something the team considers while crafting their new dishes. 

A common misconception people have with vegan food is the lack of taste or heartiness, but Beatnic’s menu really proves otherwise. In fact – the majority of their customers are actually NOT vegan! Their most popular dish, available throughout the year, is their Quinoa Taco Salad which has generated many self-proclaimed fanatics. The dish has flavorful chorizo made out of pea protein, avocado, quinoa, black bean mix, tomatoes, and tortilla strips creating both a hearty and satisfying meal. 

What do they use as a meat substitute, you might ask? As vegan food becomes more mainstream, a handful of meat substitutes have become really prevalent. Beatnic is adamant about not using anything off the shelf and instead, developing their own recipes for all core components. 

When looking toward the future, the team has a number of delicious new menu items in the works. They just launched their first wrap – The Falafel Smash – and their chefs are having fun in the test kitchen developing a few other wraps for the collection. The team is also working on some new sweets – including a special collab with an NYC institution for Pride month. 

The team shared that their partnership with Fooda has been an amazing addition to their business, noting, “we’ve loved providing food to all of Fooda’s clients.” With the increase of employees returning to the workplace, Beatnic has seen a spike in orders and is gearing up for a busy summer. 

Thank you Beatnic, for this incredible Fooda partnership!