sisters of the new south

When it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’re craving a bucket of crispy fried chicken with a side of mac, Sisters of the New South has you covered. This soul food franchise has a mission to provide its customers with a warm, inviting atmosphere and food that reminds them of grandma. We caught up with Tanya Jones, owner and operator of the Atlanta location, to learn more about the mouthwatering Southern cooking that’s set to sweep the nation.

What’s the story behind Sisters of the New South? When did you open?

Sisters of the New South is a soul food franchise that originated in Savannah about 10 years ago; it was founded by eight sisters and their mom. I purchased the Atlanta store in June 2017 and opened the Alpharetta location this April.

How did you get involved in the franchise?

I was at home in Charlotte watching Flip My Food with Chef Jeff and they were talking about Sisters of the New South’s award winning fried chicken. The woman hosting the show reminded me so much of my late mother that I became enchanted and ordered the seasonings. I eventually called to check status of my order and talked to Mr. Brown, owner of the Savannah location, who offered me a free t-shirt for the delay. I said, “Forget the t-shirt, I want a franchise!” That happened in April last year and I opened the Atlanta location in June. As far as I know, I am the first African-American woman to own and operate a soul food franchise in Atlanta.

What would you say is your best-selling dish?

Our best-selling dishes are the fried chicken and mac & cheese.

What’s your personal favorite dish?

My favorite dish is the BBQ ribs.

What inspires the menu creations at Sisters of the New South?

Sisters of the New South offers great Southern cooking that you would get at grandma’s house on Sunday. The eight sisters who opened the original Savannah location created the items you see on the menu today. Most items are prepared according to their family recipes, which have been passed down through the generations.

Why do you think Fooda consumers voted you best lunch in Atlanta?

I think our customers appreciate the quality of the food and most importantly – the flavors and seasonings. At Sisters, unlike other soul food establishments, our vegetables aren’t cooked with meat. Rather, they’re cooked with seasonings made to taste like they are. We’re popular with vegetarians.

What sets Sisters of the New South apart from other soul food restaurants?

We offer fresh, homemade food in an express environment and we have non-traditional hours. Sisters is one of the few places in Atlanta where you can go at 9 o’clock at night and get collard greens, mac & cheese, and fried chicken. We bring convenience, quality, and some of grandma’s cooking to Atlanta.

What food trends are you seeing in Atlanta, if any?

Delivery services are prevailing in Atlanta; folks want convenience. Our Alpharetta location is an express store. We don’t have any seating; we’re dedicated to delivery and express pick-up.

Do you have any exciting plans for Sisters of the New South this year?

We plan to introduce a couple of new menu items by July. As far as expansion, my next location will open in Charlotte before the holidays, and I plan to operate 10 stores within the next two years.

Sounds great. Can we call you for our next party?

Yes! Sisters of the New South offers catering and can bring a taste of Southern cooking to your holiday meals.

Fooda consumers voted Sisters of the New South the best lunch in Atlanta. Love soul food? Do yourself a favor and get a taste of the fried chicken everyone raves about at the Sisters location downtown or at the express store in Alpharetta.