The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Food

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There’s a reason that Austin always makes the list of America’s most exciting food cities. We’re home to some of the most visionary chefs and innovative restaurants in the country, not to mention being at the epicenter of the food truck revival. We know great food when we see it, and we love eating it even more. This year’s Best of Fooda Austin awards saw nominations for some of our cities best eateries, caterers, and food trucks. In the final tally, however, one local favorite swept nearly every category. Let’s take a look at this year’s winners.

Popup Awards

Best Entree of 2023 – Prime Brisket Plate from Down South Texas BBQ

The pitmasters of the Lone Star State are only half-joking when they call smoked brisket “the National Dish of Texas.” For Down South Texas BBQ to win this year’s Best Entree award for their prime brisket plate, it must be very good indeed. It starts with a choice cut of brisket, slow cooked until every inch is saturated with deliciously smoky flavor. Coated with their signature salt and pepper rub, their brisket has a perfect crust around every cut. It’s a savory crowd-pleasing classic.

Runner Up: Chicken Tikka Masala from Teji’s Indian Restaurant

Best Customer Service – Down South Texas BBQ

It takes more than a great menu to stand out in Austin’s famously excellent food truck scene. Even with some of the city’s most talented chefs working behind the windows, there’s no guarantee of success. It takes more than just the magical combination of the right food, the right crowd, and the right parking spot. To keep the crowds coming back, a great food truck needs to keep their customers happy. The team at Down South Texas BBQ could teach a master class in customer service. Just scroll through their social media posts, and you’ll see a flood of praise for both their delicious dishes and their top-notch people skills.

Runner Up: Budare’s Venezuelan Food

Most Likely To Visit Outside Of Work – Teji’s Indian Restaurant

There was a time that Teji’s Indian Restaurant was one of the best-kept secrets in Austin. To sample the delicacies of their authentic and delicious North Indian menu, like Kadahi Pakora

or Goat Biryani, the city’s most curious foodies had to venture to the back of a humble Indian grocery store in Round Rock. Unceremoniously served on disposable plates, their dishes were a revelation of spice and flavor. The restaurant has been many things since those early days, and today Teji’s Indian Restaurant is a mostly take-out experience. What hasn’t changed is their dedication to serving the most authentic Indian cuisine in ATX.

Runner Up: Shawarma Point

Best Overall Popup – Down South Texas BBQ

Facebook: DSTB

In a food scene as active and diverse as ours, how did a small BBQ food trailer sweep the Best of Fooda Austin awards? Easy. Down South Texas BBQ makes great food. Their menu is filled with mouth-watering options, from prime brisket nacho plates to soul-food inspired sides. Who could walk by their popup without being tempted by the aroma of their “Mac-n-Queso Sammich” (brisket and mac-n-cheese topped with queso) or their “Down South Corn” (corn on the cob smothered in garlic cilantro lime butter)? There may be more innovative and exotic menus out there, but Down South Texas BBQ knows what their customers crave. It’s all right there in their motto, “How good food should be.” 

Runner Up: Shawarma Point