The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Food

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The people of Dallas know a thing or two about great food. Maybe it’s the overwhelmingly diverse nature of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, where cultures and cuisines regularly collide to create something deliciously new. At Fooda, we believe that great meals should be shared with the community. That’s why we created the Best of Fooda awards, showcasing the delivery places, caterers, and food trucks that our customers love. This year’s votes have been tallied, and the people have spoken! Here are your Best of Fooda Dallas 2023 winners.

Popup Awards

Best Delivery Entree of 2023 – Beef Gyro Lunch Platter from The Halal Guys

To understand why The Halal Guys won this category, you only need to be in the room when one of their catering deliveries arrives. Their air becomes saturated with the savory aroma of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean spices, captivating even the most finicky of palates. It’s the kind of undeniably appetizing food that speaks for itself. Their winning entree is a carefully balanced combination of delectable shaved beef served on a bed of rice, with healthy portions of lettuce, tomato, and pita bread on the side. The only garnish is a drizzle of their signature “white and hot” sauce. It might seem simple, but that’s because it’s hard to improve on perfection.

Runner Up: Smoked Brisket from PDubbz BBQ

Best Customer Service – Abuela’s Cocina

There are plenty of caters in the Dallas area who specialize in serving authentic Mexican cuisine, but there’s only one Abuela’s Cocina. Their menu is a guided tour through their family history, with each tamale, tostada, and taco telling a story. This is the kind of food that creates moments of connection in a workplace, bringing people together through “Amor y tacos.” With this in mind, is it any wonder that Abuela’s Cocina easily won this year’s award for Best Customer Service?

Runner Up: DK’s Twisted BBQ

Most Likely To Visit Outside Of Work – Salata

Who could have predicted that Dallas is a major salad city? Nearly a third of the Dallasite’s participating in this year’s vote selected regional fast-casual salad kitchen Salata as their go-to outside of work restaurant. With an always-fresh mix of bases, protein options, toppings, and dressings, it’s not hard to understand the appeal. What’s more surprising is that Salata absolutely dominated a category that was filled with serious culinary competition. It’s not a mistake, a miscount, or a fluke. The salads at Salata are genuinely that good.

Runner Up: Wava Halal Grill

Best Overall Popup – Chef P-Dubbz BBQ

Is there a harder-working culinary entrepreneur in the DFW Metroplex than Chef Preston “P-Dubbz” Whitley? There’s no telling where he’ll show up next, from a swanky private party to a parking lot cookout. The only thing that doesn’t change are the crowds of hungry customers waiting for their chance to pick up a plate. Chef P-Dubbz has built an entire brand around updating the decadent flavors of Southern soul food, reworking the classics into an inclusive, event-friendly menu that’s perfect for a Fooda popup.

Runner Up: The Halal Guys