2023 Report: Maximizing Workplace Attendance

In the ever-changing hybrid business landscape, a key challenge is maintaining high onsite attendance. We put together a data-driven report on ‘return-to-office’ trends, providing insights and strategies to increase onsite days.

If there’s one thing that all New Yorkers can agree on, it’s that there’s no better city in the world to grab a quick meal. From authentic regional cuisine to inventively modern fast-casual, it’s just a matter of placing your order. Each year, Fooda celebrates our roster of exceptional New York City restaurants, caterers, and pop-up kitchens with the Best of Fooda awards. The votes are in for 2023, so let’s take a look at this year’s winners.

Popup Awards

Best Popup Entree of 2023 – The Halal Guys’ Combo Platter


Fooda’s customers have spoken! More than half of those surveyed this year voted for the Halal Guys’ crowd-pleasing Combo Platter as the best pop-up entree of 2023. It’s a dish defined by delicious simplicity, pairing two perfectly seasoned portions of beef gyro, chicken, or falafel surrounded by a satisfying base of rice, lettuce, and tomatoes topped by their ever-popular white and hot sauce. Would you expect anything less from one of these icons of the American Halal Food movement?

Runner Up: Beef Empanadas from Original Empanada Factory

Best Customer Service – Burrito Joint


You can always tell when a restaurant truly cares about the quality of their food and the satisfaction of their customers. This passion for culinary quality is one a big part of why Fooda’s customers have overwhelmingly voted for the reliably flavorful and fresh menu at Union City’s Burrito Joint. It’s hard to top consistently great Tex-Mex combinations prepared by a staff that clearly wants every visitor to become a regular.

Runner Up: Fresh Coast

Most Likely To Visit Outside Of Work – Jerk & Gyro Spot


Featuring an entire menu of mouth-watering original dishes formed by the intoxicatingly fragrant collision of Jamaican and Mediterranean cuisines, Jerk & Gyro should be on the itinerary of every adventurous foodie in the New York City area. Their innovatively delicious meals are also designed around fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients. If you’ve only sampled their incredible pop-up menu, just try browsing their complete menu without working up an appetite.

Runner Up: G-Know’s Cheesesteaks

Best Overall Popup – The Halal Guys

Is there a better New York City success story than the Halal Guys? What began as a modified hot dog cart serving authentic halal food to the city’s Muslim cabbies has grown to become one of the pioneering restaurants in the American Halal Food movement. Fresh, hearty, and aromatically captivating, it’s nearly impossible to turn down their always fresh gyros and platters. What more could you want from a pop-up dining experience?  

Runner Up: Burrito Joint

Delivery Awards

Best Delivery Entree of 2023 – INDAY’s Charred Chicken


INDAY’s obsession with perfectly balanced Indian flavors is on full display in this year’s undisputed Best Entree winner. Showcasing a deliciously singed spice-rubbed chicken thigh on a bed of romaine, pickled onions, cucumbers, red hot sauce, coconut ranch, and cilantro, it’s no surprise that INDAY’s Charred Chicken is the favorite of hungry workers across the city. Founded by native New Yorker Basu Ratnam around the concept of “food karma,” INDAY’s signature dish proves that a great lunch can be both mindfully healthful and uncompromisingly tasty.
Runner Up: Greek Goodness Bowl from EONS Greek

Most Likely To Visit Outside Of Work – Gai Chicken & Rice


Inspired by the buttery texture and spicy flavor of Thailand’s most iconic street food, Khao Man Gai, the menu at Gai Chicken & Rice is both delectably authentic and temptingly modern. It’s the perfect Southeast Asian comfort food, enticing even the most hesitant of culinary adventurers. Is it any wonder that people who have sampled Gai Chicken & Rice’s delivery menu suddenly develop a craving for the full experience? 

Runner Up: Beatnic

Best Overall for Fooda Delivery – INDAY

With a deeply appetizing menu featuring the tantalizing flavors of contemporary Indian cuisine, INDAY has earned this year’s top spot as overall favorite among Fooda customers. Informed by a mindful, nourishment-focused philosophy that elevates every dish, from masterfully spiced traditional curries to vegan-friendly seasonal entrees, even the most discerning foodies in the office will find something to please their palates at INDAY.

Runner Up: Gai Chicken & Rice