The 2024 Workplace: Elevating Experiences with Food

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If there’s one thing you can say about the hard-working people of Phoenix, it’s that they know what they like. For proof, look no further than the voting results for this year’s Best of Fooda Phoenix awards. The voting was intense, with over a dozen restaurants making it to the final round. When all the votes were tallied, one workplace caterer came out ahead in three of the four categories. Let’s take a look.

Popup Awards

Best Entree of 2023 – Beef Pot Roast from Big Bacon’s

As Big Bacon’s customers know, it’s hard to beat the classic dishes of mid-century American comfort food. Their signature Beef Pot Roast meal offers a healthy serving of tender beef, slow cooked with a perfect portion of carrots and potatoes, and served over a bed of soft white rice. Add in a pair of home-cooked sides, like their flavor-packed garlic mashed potatoes or their deliciously gooey macaroni and cheese, and you have a truly satisfying workplace feast.

Runner Up: Grilled Steak Fajitas from Mad Fresh Kitchen

Best Customer Service – G-Gem’s Bakery Cafe

For people with gluten intolerance disorders, finding something safe to eat on a typical restaurant menu can be a deeply frustrating experience. Unless the dish is specifically made from gluten-free flour, anything from sandwiches to fried chicken simply isn’t a viable option. Worse, many gluten-free options simply aren’t that appetizing, with many restaurants treating them as little more than afterthought. That’s what makes G-Gem’s Bakery Cafe so special. Everything on the menu is gluten free, and it’s all delicious. The bakery aims to provide a dining experience where everyone can “enjoy eating food again,” and it should be no surprise that this inclusive philosophy extends to their customer service. 

Runner Up: Mad Fresh Kitchen

Most Likely To Visit Outside Of Work  – Big Bacon’s

Big Bacon’s is an oasis of Midwestern cuisine in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Where else can a former Chicagoan find an authentic Windy City-style baked chicken, fried pork chop sandwich, or sweet potato pie? Founded by Chicago native Adriane Harris-Durham, the restaurant’s “Chicago-style soul food” menu is inspired by the meals her grandmother prepared every day. There is clearly a local demand for this homestyle cuisine, as Big Bacon’s serves a steady stream of home-cooking hungry Phoenicians from its prime spot in the Tempe Food Court. 

Runner Up: Island Boyz Jerk Spot

Best Overall Popup  – Big Bacon’s

The hard-working foodies of Phoenix have made it clear that 2023 is Big Bacon’s year. The Chicago-style caterer won a trio of top recognitions this year, overcoming serious competition from a collection of objectively excellent local restaurants. What’s their secret? Classic dishes made with fresh ingredients, authentic flavors, and just a touch of Second City soul. Founded as a catering business in 2017, the team at Big Bacon’s has plenty of experience when it comes to working live events. They clearly know how to keep a hungry crowd happy, and this may have tipped the scales in this year’s contest for Best Overall Popup.

Runner Up: Mad Fresh Kitchen