Best of Fooda San Jose 2019 | Fooda

2022 Guide to Employee Engagement and Food

Based on Q4 2021 survey responses from hundreds of professionals across the country, we uncovered data on aspects of employee engagement, the workplace experience, and food.

When we’re looking for restaurant partners, we’re searching for the best of the best from trendy downtown restaurants to scrappy food trucks to hidden-gem mom and pops. We’re proud of our roster and each year we celebrate it with the Best of Fooda awards, asking you to choose your favorite. The votes are in, and the People’s Choice Award for San Jose goes to Bonchon. 

People’s Choice Award: Bonchon

With more than 300 locations worldwide, Bonchon is known and loved for their Korean-style fried chicken wings, which are fried twice then expertly painted with a spicy or soy garlic glaze. These wings are so good, they were named one of the “Absolute Best Chicken Wings in New York” by New York Magazine. And with roughly a zillion restaurants in New York, that’s saying something. Pro tip: if you can’t decide between spicy and tangy, order the “Half and Half” and you’ll get a mix of both. Other crowd favorites include japchae (glass noodles) with red pepper, carrots, onions, spinach, mushrooms, soy garlic sauce, and sesame oil and fried rice with egg, red bell pepper, onions, and soy garlic sauce.