When Fooda’s founders got tired of eating the same food for lunch every…single…day, Fooda was born. As we pass our third birthday, it turns out many of you feel the same way. Today, we’re announcing a humbling accomplishment – January 2014 marked our 1 millionth meal served. This is a big milestone for our team, our restaurant partners and our mission of providing great food at reasonable prices to our customers while at work.

Why do hundreds of businesses and restaurants love us? A corporate food program is ranked as one of the best job perks by employees. Fooda works with companies to setup a food program, whether the employees are paying or the company is picking up the tab. We also make catering a breeze for companies, offering an easy to use website for ordering and full order management, so you can rest assured your food will arrive on time.

And Fooda’s not slowing down. We’re already filling bellies in Chicago and New York City, and we’ll be launching in many more cities this year. We’re excited to bring our new take on lunch to offices across the country. To continue our growth, we’re looking for the most talented, passionate people to join our team. If you love tech, love food and find an interesting role on our website career page, we want to hear from you.

And most importantly, a freshly chopped and lightly marinated ‘Thank You” to our loyal, vocal and supportive customers!