Guest Blogger Courtney Visits The Fat Shallot

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Courtney Sprewer
Chicago-based Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Fooda is excited to feature a guest post from Courtney Sprewer, Chicago-based food and lifestyle blogger. You can follow along as she eats her way through the city at

Buff Chick SandwichIf you’re a Chicago transplant like me, you’ve probably noticed one glaring inconsistency in Chicago’s otherwise awesome food scene. Where are the sandwiches?! When one resides on the east coast you literally can not turn the corner without running into someone trying to sell you a sandwich. Be it a shawarma truck serving up street meat on pita bread, a questionable bodega deli, or a Jewish bagel shop slinging bagels and pastrami – most other places have a deeply entrenched cold cut culture. Don’t get me wrong, Chicago is good for a hotdog or Italian beef, but sometimes I’m nostalgic for a good ol’ fashioned hoagie (or sub) with a bag of chips and a soda (or pop, please don’t take my Chicago card away.)

You are not alone, sandwichless Chicagoan. Owners of The Fat Shallot food truck and husband and wife culinary duo Sam and Sarah Weitz feel your pain. And thank the cold cut gods, because they have decided to do something about it.

Bucking the traditional trajectory for a pair of internationally-trained and acclaimed Chefs – Sam and Sarah focus on what’s REALLY important. Making you a really good sandwich. And with Fooda’s help, they’re taking their made-to-order sandwiches from their extremely popular food truck ‘The Fat Shallot’ and bringing them to an office building near you!

Fat Shallot Lunch

Hailed as Classic Sandwiches with a gourmet twist – The Fat Shallot takes simple combinations you know and love and kicks them up a notch with fresh local ingredients, savory meats and cheeses, and bread from Chicago’s own Highland Bakery.

Fan favorites include:

  • The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with celery slaw – a deep fried, hot sauce-smothered monster of their own creation
  • The decadent Truffle BLT with thick cut bacon on soft, buttery challah bread
  • The Italian Sub, a Fooda exclusive, featuring Genoa Salami, mild Chicago giardiniera, arugula, roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella, and a sticky sweet balsamic glaze

You can find The Fat Shallot truck at Fooda Popups all over town as well as in a permanent stall at the new Revival Food Hall in the Loop. Be sure to keep up with the trucks location and other sandwichy happenings via their Facebook Page, and keep them in mind for your office’s next Fooda order.