Owner of Don Fresco Shares His Secrets to Authentic and Fresh Mexican Cuisine in Chicago

Summer is coming to an end, but the fiesta isn’t over. One way to keep the taste of summer alive at the table is with fresh Mexican cuisine. Peter Dremonas, Owner of Don Fresco Mexican Eatery in Chicago, shares secrets to his authentic Mexican taquería and switching up your Mexican routine.

How did Don Fresco get its start?

I grew up in Chicago and have been cooking with my family my entire life. With an inherited passion for food, I started my career in the food industry and never looked back. I’m a Mexican foodie at heart so it was an easy decision for me to want to start my own Mexican restaurant. I opened Don Fresco in the West Loop neighborhood in October of 2015. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and now offer catering services as well.

What makes Don Fresco different from other Mexican restaurants in Chicago?

We make everything from scratch every single day. Nothing is prepackaged and all of our meat and produce is fresh. I’ve traveled to Mexico and all over the world and I bring the flavors and experiences from those trips into my food. Traveling constantly provides me with inspiration for creating new menu items.

What are your best selling dishes?

Definitely our steak tacos made with black angus beef finished with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro and Chihuahua cheese or queso fresco. For those who like the heat, top it off with our Don Fresco salsa that has an intense spicy kick from our daily mix of fresh peppers. Pair with our sweet and refreshing Horchata, or as our customers call it “summer in a cup”, made from hand-picked hibiscus tea flowers each day.

If you’re starting the morning with Don Fresco, our Chilaquiles is the go-to. Served on a bed of homemade tortilla chips topped with scrambled eggs, Chihuahua cheese, sour cream, onion and queso fresco.

What advice do you have for people wanting to switch up their Mexican routine?

Add your favorite protein to a dish you have never tried. We offer shrimp, steak, chicken and jerk chicken that can be used in all of our dishes! Making this simple switch from your regular routine will bring familiarity to a new and flavorful entree.

Elote was a huge trend this summer. How do you serve the popular Mexican street food?

We know a thing or two about elote! It’s one of our most popular sides and we typically serve it in a large cup rather than on the cob. It consists of sweet corn finished with butter, mayo, cotija cheese, and chili pepper. Stir it all together for a satisfying side that rounds out any dish.

What advice do you have for aspiring restaurateurs?

You have to be extremely hands on. For example, on top of the daily ins and outs of running a restaurant, I make it a priority to physically come in and train each and every one of our cooks for weeks at a time. Our cooks have to be comfortable and understand my cooking techniques to make every one of our dishes authentic and the very best. Also, know that you are catering to different people each day, especially if in a large city like Chicago. Offer a menu that is simple yet diverse to appeal to both new and returning customers.

Do you plan on opening other locations in future?

Absolutely. Don Fresco is just making it’s mark. Keep an eye out for more Don Fresco locations in the Chicagoland area!

Thank you so much Peter for sharing your expertise and bringing the freshest Mexican cuisine to Chicagoans! Stop by Don Fresco’s Monday – Saturday or have them cater your next fiesta! Stay tuned to new menu items and locations on their Facebook and Twitter pages.