Restaurant name: I Love sushi I Love sushi
Cuisine: Japanese
Location: 233 N. Michigan (The Loop, Chicago)
Fooda Partner Since: September 2012
Menu Highlights: Fire Roll, Hong Kong Dragon Roll, Jalapeño Roll

I Love sushi Elevator pitch: I Love sushi, you love sushi, who doesn’t love sushi?! I Love Sushi has been a Fooda Popup favorite in Chicago since 2012. This locally owned, grab-and-go sushi stop serves about a dozen different types of rolls through Fooda and even more at their Michigan Avenue storefront. If it isn’t their delicious rolls that keep you coming back, the friendly faces and service sure will do the trick.

I Love Sushi Loves You: I Love Sushi opened up 8 years ago, when the owner of another small business in the same building heard of the opportunity to buy a sushi restaurant. With only a love for food (a common characteristic of Foodizens), and no restaurant experience to speak of, I Love Sushi owner Julie, began her business. She built a menu from scratch, let customers vote on the new restaurant name and even had a logo designed by a customer. Thus, I Love Sushi was born and has been a booming Chicago lunch spot ever since.

The Food: I Love Sushi prepares basic and custom sushi rolls daily. The staff starts cooking and rolling at about 6:30am each morning! In addition to tasty sushi, other customer favorites include salmon teriyaki, yakisoba, and 8 different kinds of udon soup.

Funny Fooda Story: As one of our longest restaurant partners, I Love Sushi has grown with Fooda since the beginning. She recalls being scheduled at one location for a Fooda popup, and accidentally setting up at the wrong building! We worked through it together and have only strengthened our partnership since.