Restaurant Roundup: West Town Bakery & Diner, Roots Handmade Pizza (Chicago, Downtown)

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West Town Bakery & Diner and Restaurant name: West Town Bakery & Diner and Roots Handmade Pizza
Cuisine: American
Location: 1916 W. Chicago Ave. (West Town)
Fooda Partner Since: February 2013
Menu Highlights: cake balls, salads, cake balls, sandwiches, cake balls, pizza

Where It All Began: If you know Fooda Select, you know Fooda Classics from West Town Bakery & Diner and Roots Handmade Pizza.
A 7-day-a-week partner, West Town Bakery & Diner, Roots Handmade Pizza and Fooda go hand in hand…in hand. The restaurants reside next door to one another and both were developed under the Fifty/50 Management Group Inc., which started with a sports bar six years ago. With an ambitious goal of bringing quad cities style pizza to Chicago (the city of pizza connoisseurs), Roots Handmade Pizza has been very well received and will open its second location in Chicago in the coming months.

West Town Bakery & Diner and The Edge: West Town Bakery is one of the very few 3-star Green Certified Restaurants in Chicago. They use local, organic and high quality ingredients. The restaurant group prides themselves on top-notch customer service and knows that it is a key ingredient in their recipe for success. From products on grocer’s shelves to fresh baked goods, to Fooda Classics sandwiches and salads, these foodies are striving to make their food better every day.

So Much Customer Love: West Town Bakery’s manager Ryan Gamperl shed some light on Chicago competitive restaurant scene and what they do to ensure customer satisfaction: “Roots and West Town are both striving to be closer and closer to their customers. If it is not with 8,500+ loyalty members program that saves you money when you are dining in, we hope to be able to deliver to the neighborhood soon. Our food is our passion, and we feel honored that a customer chooses us in a city that has so many choices. We know you don’t have to eat with us, so we take each experience as an opportunity to make a customer for life.”