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Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the game or the commercials, there’s one thing everyone has in common – love for the incredible food we tend to eat too much of year after year.

No matter what kind of diet you adhere to, the Super Bowl tends to be the ultimate cheat day. Wings, nachos, slow-cooked meats, and a regrettable amount of sweets, it should truly be a holiday.

Fans in Philadelphia and Boston have a big night ahead of them, so we put together a list of a few local restaurants to make sure they’re prepared for a great game.


Andale Latino Grill
While you can’t go wrong with a burrito or a few tacos from Andale Latino Grill, their arepas are a good move for such an important night. For those unfamiliar with this South American sandwich, arepas feature grilled cornmeal patties that make a great substitute for a bun on a standard sandwich.

Amari’s Restaurant
The Soul Food Platters at Amari’s Restaurant shouldn’t be missed. Choose between chicken, fish (swai or tilapia), or short ribs and pair it with to of their incredible side dishes: sweet potatoes, collard greens, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, or cabbage. Short ribs with mac and cheese is a Fooda favorite, if you want to eat like us.

MiJoe Chinese Cuisine
When you’re craving Chinese food, nothing else matters, there can be no substitute. MiJoe is an excellent choice for Philadelphians looking for Chinese takeout standbys like Chicken Lo Mein, General Soux Chicken, and Pepper Steak. But what separates MiJoe from the rest on Super Bowl Sunday, their unique take on chicken wings.


Boston Burger Company
Serving up some of the most inventive cheeseburgers on the East coast, Boston Burger Company is an excellent choice to help you stay satiated as you cheer on your Pats. If you can’t choose from their menu of 30 burgers, they’ll let you build your own. They also have some of the wildest milkshakes in the world.

Anna’s Taqueria
The idea for Anna’s Taqueria was first cooked up on the opposite side of the country in San Francisco’s Mission District. That area is known for its home-style flavor of Mexican street food, and that’s what Anna has since brought to Boston. For Super Bowl Sunday, the only option is her “super quesadilla.”

You know the restaurants that please everyone in the family because their menu is massive and all of it’s delicious? That’s Avellino’s. You can’t go wrong, but the menu is so huge, we’ll make it easy on you and just tell you what to get. As we mentioned before, this is the ultimate cheat day, get one of Peter’s Large Stuffed Pizzas.

You don’t have to play in the game to end Super Bowl Sunday as a champion on your friend’s eyes. You’ll be on your way to the Hall of Fame if you show up with something delicious from one of these restaurants.