The Amazing Story of Rosa's Fresh Pizza

Many times we talk about great clients and launches at Fooda, but we just wanted to call out a pretty awesome restaurant that just launched with us in Philly.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza is a tiny little pizza place in Philly with a really big story. If you have 5 or 6 minutes, then watch the video here. Trust us, it’s great.

If you don’t have that much time, then here is the skinny. A couple of years ago, Mason left his Wall Street job to move back to Philly and open up a $1 pizza place. All day you could walk in and get a slice of cheese pizza for just $1. Since Rosa’s Fresh Pizza is in a part of town with a high homeless population and the pizza was only $1, many of Mason’s customers are homeless people.

One day a customer asked if they could “pay it forward” and buy a slice of pizza for the next homeless person that stopped in. Mason gave him a post-it note and wrote down that it was good for 1 slice of pizza, and he stuck it to the wall. Well, that caught on and today his store is covered in post-it notes.

Wednesday, April 6th was their first Popup event with Fooda, and they sold over 100 slices. Best part is, with every purchase at Fooda Popup, a slice is donated to a homeless person. So the employees get to write up a note on a post-it and stick it to our food shield just like in their store. Rosa’s Fresh Pizza did 33% of their daily sales that day at the Fooda Popup event. It feels good knowing that we are helping to spread the word of his amazing mission.