Three Food Trends for 2018 That Fooda is Excited About

Foods can be fads or long-time favorites, just like movies and music. For example, spaghetti is The Godfather Part II – a 9 out of 10 that’s worth revisiting regularly. But not every culinary creation is so evergreen. Remember ramen burgers? They were like Tom Cochrane’s 1992 hit “Life is a Highway.” It had its moment, but everyone moved on, and it’s probably best that we never look back.

Here are a few foods we expect to be hits in 2018.

Poke bowls – For a raw dish, poke bowls were hot in 2017. We expect 2018 to be no different. Interest in poke bowls slows down later in the year, but it returns with full force as health-conscious resolution-makers look for low-calorie lunches. Poke bowls ride that momentum into summer, when they make for a perfect light midday meal.


Korean foods –  Bibimbap, kimchi, Korean fried chicken wings gained popularity in recent years. Hopefully this trend continues, because there’s nothing better than comfort foods from somewhere else.


Healthy alternatives – Jackfruit and zucchini (in noodle form) were on the rise for the past few years due to their ability to deliciously replace foods that aren’t quite as healthy as they are. If you’re someone who likes to revisit spaghetti often, try making it with “zoodles” for a healthier spin.


Crossushi – We didn’t want to bring this up, but someone needs to warn you. Crossushi is the unnecessary combination of flaky croissants and delicious sushi that absolutely no one asked for. Those two items have been chart-topping hits separately for hundreds of years, there’s no need to mash them together. Hopefully this trend fizzles as quickly as popped up.


Is there a food we missed that you think will be trending in 2018? Let us know on Twitter @GoFooda.