7 year tag-team | Fooda

There are a lot of theories out there about taste buds. And humans have a lot of them – approximately 9,000! A popular theory is that they change every 7 years. There is no actual scientific proof that taste buds change every 7 years, but at Fooda we like to use this theory as an excuse to keep an open mind about food. We are always tasting new and unique foods to broaden our team’s horizons, in an attempt to please the palettes of our Fooda customers . We like to think of our taste buds as a tag team, picture a mini-version of the Hart Foundation from the golden age of the World Wrestling Federation, just waiting to get “tagged-in.” We polled some of our team at Fooda to see if any of them have experienced the mysterious changing taste buds and found many examples of the tag team effect. Rye bread (hate it to love it), mustard (hate it to love it) and guacamole (hate it to love it).

We want to hear from you! Are there any foods that you used to hate but now you love (or vice versa)?

– Dustin