New Year, New Resolution | Fooda

The new year is upon us and you know what that means, new year’s resolutions consisting of diet and exercise are all the rage! “Biggest Loser” competitions are abound. Treadmills at local gyms are worth their weight in gold. Juice cleanses, paleo diets, atkins diets and every other kind of diet imaginable monopolize water cooler talks. People are looking to curb poor habits developed during the holidays and replace them with healthier ones. Eating habits can be some of the most difficult to change. You can go the competition route or team up with others for encouragement, but everyone is looking for ways to get a leg up to hit their goals.

Probably the hardest part of any new year’s is sustaining it beyond the month of January. We polled our people and asked them about their most successful new year’s resolutions of years past. Here is a run down

One person climbed the stairs to our 7th floor office every single day for 4 months – he attributes his success to avoiding long elevator lines One said that he made his bed every morning for the whole year – he attributes his success to “his mom told him to do it, so he had to” One quit smoking for 2 straight years (and still going strong) – he gave himself a financial goal, he put all of the money that he would have spent on cigarettes that year into a piggy bank and got new golf clubs at the end of the year One resolved to go vegetarian and 14 years later is still going strong – she just said, “I stopped eating turkey, cold turkey!”

We would love to hear from you. What is your most successful new year’s resolution (preferably one related to food or consumption)? What was the secret to your success?